Come As You Are But Don't Stay There......

The HER Effect is an ecosystem created to surround, equip, and support women everywhere as they rise, stepping fully into their journey of Becoming HER.

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Hi, I'm Jaime Cross

Women everywhere are craving a life full of purpose and impact. More than anything we long for meaningful connection and sisterhood, mentorship and leadership... to answer the call that speaks to the deepest parts of our soul and to live out the mission we were born to accomplish.

I live to see women rise in purpose, to answer their call with no excuse or limit to what’s possible. Four years ago, when I asked God to show me the most powerful women in scripture, I was in awe not only at the depth and richness of their stories, but how vastly different they are from what we’ve all been taught. Femininity is a powerful gift. A force.

You can be all that you see, and it’s time to make the enemy bleed. Put your stake in the ground and remember the voice that told you who you are really are, that you could conquer life and take the world by storm.

A revolution is upon us, and it’s your time to rise and BECOME.

The HER Effect is an ecosystem created to surround, equip, and support you as you step into your journey of Becoming HER.

There is no mess too great, no story to broken… Come As You Are… But Don’t Stay There...

You are here for a reason, for such a time as this.

Forever In Your Corner,