You’re Here Because You Crave The Life You’re Called to Live. A Life of Purpose, Impact, Leadership & Legacy.

Hang around us a bit, and you’ll start thinking differently about what’s possible. 
Welcome to the beginning of the greatest awakening and revival the world has ever seen.

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Girl, this is your tap on the shoulder.

That ache in your soul… that longing for more… the craving you have to activate your genius, fulfill your calling, and prosper in EVERY area of your life is there for a reason. You were never meant to go through life in mediocrity, muddling through the motions, living like an average human. You were created to command results here on the earth. To bear much fruit.
Here’s a little secret to being truly alive…

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I love my family fiercely, keep my friends close to me, and love dedicating my life to hungry women who are fervent action takers. After ten years of growing a wildcrafted skincare company from grassroots to serving hundreds of thousands of men and women with our message and products, and walking in my own calling, I have never been more driven to see HER unlocked and activated in purpose. There is something special happening in the world today, and it’s my deep conviction that the greatest revival the world is waiting for is coming from the female entrepreneurs. So, get ready. The wave is coming. Will you watch it pass you by or will you participate?

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Dear World changHER,  

Women everywhere are craving a life of purpose and impact. We fear mediocrity and don’t want to be at the end of our life thinking, “if only I had… fill in the blank. More than anything we long for deep connection and sisterhood, discipleship and leadership... to answer the call that speaks to the deepest parts of our soul and to live a life worthy of the calling we’ve received.

Seven years ago, when I asked God to show me the most powerful women in scripture, He did. Seeing the richness of their stories and how vastly different they are from what society says is acceptable, changed me. 

The truth is… you can have it all and do it all… there is a way, and I’ve lived it out and created a life that at one time I could only see in my dreams.

There is a force of life in all of us that’s been bound up, but it’s time to break free and run. 
You can be all that you see, and it’s time to put your stake in the ground and say NO MORE will I go through the motions. No more will I accept the status quo. This is your mandate to remember the voice inside you that told you who you really are, that you could conquer life and take the world by storm.

A revolution is upon us, an awakening. It’s time to rise, run, and BECOME. The HER Effect is a discipleship movement created to activate, equip, and surround you so you can look back at 100 years old and say, “well done.”  There is no mess too great, no story too broken… Come As You Are… But Don’t Stay There...You are here for a reason, for such a time as this.

Forever In Your Corner,

-Jaime Cross

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Becoming HER

There is an extraordinary, exhilarating life waiting for you, but also a lot of traps that want to stop you from getting there! This Masterclass will help you set the course for living a life worthy of the calling you’ve received and accomplishing the fruitful future you’ve always dreamed of. 


From Dreams Allayed to Vision on Fire

The Podcast

An international chart topping business podcast (top 50 on Apple) recorded in Jaime’s car, backyard, and soap shop studio! Serving you the best life tips drawing strength from our Seven Pillars of a Woman plus irresistible stories and behind the scenes of building a worldwide movement. 
Come as you are with your favorite herbal tea or coffee in hand, along with cozy socks or flip flops, and tune in to set your soul on fire.

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These Women Were Powerful...


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Clean Beauty

We believe that one aspect to being activated in your purpose is to take care of your body and support it’s own healing capabilities. The average woman is ingesting over 500 chemicals every day and the toxic load is keeping her from living her best life! Not to mention the beauty industry is one of the most corrupt. In our Beautiful HER Pillar, we are restoring the art of truth and helping women take back their health. Health is Wealth.

I Want To Know More! I Love Clean Beauty! 

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Restoring the art of connection, “As Iron Sharpens Iron.” 
Our GATHERINGS are lighting a fire deep in the hearts of women all over the earth. Revel in a time of refreshing as you discover the deep wisdom and mysteries of the Kingdom that will unlock your destiny into fullness. 

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“Jaime’s ability to captivate your heart and soul is undeniable! She is a true thought leader and impact builder! I am so grateful to know her and continue to be inspired by her integrity and ability to articulate wisdom for women in business! She is a BOLD Truth Teller and has a Holy Spirit anointing that is obvious when you are in her presence! Every single time I listen to Jaime speak, I feel FULLY AWAKE and ready to show up in my true purpose! She is a true inspiration for all generations!”

- brooke thomas


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