The HER Effect


There is a powerful force on this earth that will change the course of your life for good when you start to see it.

Many people think that fear is the thing they need to overcome… maybe even doubt or self-confidence… 

But it’s none of those. It’s not fear. It’s not doubt… it’s not even a lack of self confidence that stops us from getting the things we want, or from doing the thing we know we were born to do…

In all truth, confidence and courage thing are a natural byproduct of this one force…


Our life and all that we create comes down to what we believe. When we begin to see that our BELIEF will determine the outcome in any situation, we will begin to believe rightly.

What do you believe?

That you are capable? Strong? That if you put the work in, you will get your desired outcome? That you are loved? Accepted? Beautiful?

What do you believe?

If you are currently struggling with fear in any area of your life, at the foundation of that fear is faith.

And by FAITH I mean belief in the WRONG things.

I began to listen to my self-talk this week and realized that there are still areas that I need tremendous transformation.

A friend of mine told me that the Jaime that got me here, is not the same Jaime that will get me there…

In other words…

In order to grow and expand with vision, being able to handle what’s to come, I have to be transformed.

Change or die.

And it all begins with belief.

What do I believe about myself?

In every situation, I’ve realized that the greatest power we have is the power to choose.

Choose who we will become. Choose how we will respond to every person in every situation. Choose what we believe and what we don’t…

And that is what makes all the difference.

I want to challenge you to see the fruit or outcomes in your life that are not your desired outcomes and trace it back to your belief and start killing the lies so you can believe the truth.

You’ll notice that when you start believing rightly and taking action aligned with right believing, you’ll gain momentum and you’ll see your circumstances around you begin to change.

Believe rightly.

Do rightly, and what you sow, you will reap.

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Forever In Your Corner,


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