The HER Effect

“I don’t use natural products, because they don’t work.”  ??

It was one of those spring days that we often have here in the Rocky Mountains…the clouds were dancing between rain and snow, making it the perfect day for tea and time with a close mentor.  

As I was pouring tea, we were talking about life and I was sharing with her some of the exciting details on our next product launch.  She looked at me and said, “I don’t use natural products, they just don’t work.”

I continued pouring and didn’t say a word. 

I knew she had been struggling with her aging skin for a long time and she was anxiously looking for a solution for the dimple lines that were now permanent creases in her cheeks, and the premature fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes… she wasn’t really looking to discuss it. 

She had made up her mind on the matter, and there was no telling her otherwise on this particular misty day. 

So instead we changed the subject, continued to sip our tea and I thought to myself, “
Game on, I’ll show her instead.”  

I so desperately wanted to help her, I knew how long she and many other women had been searching for a solution… and they were looking in all the wrong places.  

I believe that the natural world has every answer that we are all searching for… It is so adorned with power and so pure that I can’t help but be inspired by it all.

I am so passionately in love with the healing properties of herbs and essential oils and it’s ability to support the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation process.   

As a matter of fact, our entire Facial, Body, and Remedy Methods are all herbal medicine, handcrafted 100% from authentic earth botanicals, essences, and herbal oils… don’t forget farm fresh beeswax. 

Long before conversing with my girlfriend over tea, it had been my mission to create a luxury beauty movement that truly transforms the lives of mankind… inside and out.

So when I sat down at my kitchen table to formulate our Blackberry Leaf Serum, I had the same goal in mind.  I wanted to create something that would truly force feed nutrients into your skin in order to help eliminate wrinkles and protect your skins youth renewing process. 

Did you know your skin does that?

I began combining some of the most precious herbal oils, volatile essences and essential oils such as frankincense, blackberry leaf herb, and calendula. 

What came together was a blend
 that is bursting with life and provides total skin transformation on a cellular level.

To say the least, my friend is no longer a skeptic.  She has experienced first hand the healing power of nature and no longer thinks about any other toxic alternatives, or hiding her smile. 

And, she is not the only one! The reviews haven’t stop flooding in. 

This lavishing serum has helped people eliminate rosacea, heal dry flaky skin and dramatically diminish blemishes.  

Not only does this powerful gift of nature do wonders on your skin, but it is also a mood enhancing experience.

It’s so incredibly aromatic in essence that you can’t help but be taken to another level.

When I said “game on” all those years ago, this was exactly why. Nature provides exactly what we need…natural goodness, healing, restoration, and all without compromise.   

We at MIG know it’s our calling and mission to change lives… and it’s all for you Gorgeous, I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Warm Regards & Soft Skin


Below are just a few of the over 4000 raving reviews we have received.

I adore my #4 face serum?. I am 58 and I’ve always been a Sun worshipper, my face especially needed some TLC. This serum is absorbed immediately and leaves no oily feeling, I’ve noticed a more natural glow, my wrinkles are less noticeable and my pores are decreasing in size…amazing stuff, I love MIG’s products!!!

I’ve been using the MIG Facial Ritual since November 2018, and it was the best purchase I’ve made! I immediately saw a difference with my complexion, but more importantly, the lines and some crepe-iness I had on my neck and decollete has drastically improved. I love the scent of the blackberry serum, and how soft and smooth my skin feels once I apply it. I would highly recommend the serum to anyone….along with the entire MIG ritual! 

Thank you MIG for making me feel more confident to go make-up free more often.  

Love this serum! It has controlled my oil and makes my skin brighter and healthy looking 🙂 -Jennifer B.
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