The HER Effect

Hey Guys!

Today the most amazing thing happened!

We’ve brought in seven new people into the MIG team the last few months and the office is booming!

Shelly, our new operations manager messaged me at close yesterday and said, “hey there’s a package here for you.” 

If you know me well, you know that I love surprises and random gifts…

So, I couldn’t wait to get to the shop this morning and open this package to see what awaited me!

This year I’ve been speaking on larger stages in front of 4500, and even 35,000 people at marketing and business events, so we’ve been receiving a steady stream of letters, messages, and gifts!

So many artisan and handcrafted goods, everything from guilt-free herbal medicinal chocolate to coconut water, and organic pancake mix have been sent to our little shop from fans all over the world!

It’s the BEST feeling! 

People are so kind and thoughtful. 

This morning I arrived at the shop, Ann was answering calls, Shelly was working on Amazon stuff, Kari responding to emails, and Josh was pouring fresh grapefruit lotion bars… the whole team was hustling and bustling…

And there it was, a BIG BOX sitting on the shipping table, calling my name!

I opened it and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Over ten handcrafted and local products from the sender and a wonderful two page thank you letter! 

In my talk in Nashville a few weeks ago, I opened my speech with, 

“The most powerful force on the earth is the human soul set on fire…” 

I talked about how with a vision, people come alive and that it was time for them to remember the dreams that made them come alive.

So this letter was a recap from a man in the audience who heard me speak and felt like his vision for his life purpose was set on fire and wanted to send a thank you bundle! 

This is all so new to me… 

In addition to cornbread mix, local balsamic vinegar, and a hand made blessing basket, was a little jar of raw, local honey. 

You’ve probably seen my videos on Google and FB where I talk about farm fresh beeswax and the benefits of honey, and after working with farmers for years, I consider myself a raw honey, fresh beeswax expert! 

Haha… is there such a thing?

Anticipating a typical honey flavor, I opened the jar, grabbed a spoon and tasted a good bit while reading the label… my tastebuds almost hit the floor. 

Cue jaw drop. 

“While most honey is heated at least slightly for bottle convenience. Ours never is.  We let is flow at a GLACIAL pace into our jars. Honey is a LIVING SUPER FOOD and keeping it totally raw preserves all the flavor, enzymes, and nutrients. You will LOVE the way it tastes!”

They are speaking my language! Even the look of the honey is so raw. Little specs of debris (that’s honey should look!) and a gorgeous, vibrant yellow/orange color. 

Wow… isn’t that so cool?! 

Honey from commercial stores means you’re getting a denatured and diluted product. 

Ask me how I know! 

It does sound a little crazy, but even the honey packets from restaurants are sugar syrups that are “flavored” that are not actually real honey. Ew.

I wanted to share that with you so you could receive the full benefits of your honey and stock your shelves with the good stuff! 

So, be sure to find a local company that doesn’t heat their honey, or you can even check the one I discovered today here!

The flavor and texture is so raw and DELICIOUS! 

Raw honey is also incredible for your gut and your skin!

In my humble opinion, there is nothing more perfect than buying local goods from local farms and businesses that care about what they do. I just love it!

Hit reply and let me know if you decide to check out this little company, and tell me your favorite way to eat raw honey!  

As always, 

Warm Regards and Soft Skin,

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