The HER Effect


Hello Beautiful!

I was standing in line the other day when someone walked by me wearing a perfume that took my memory back more than 25 years to a hug I had received from my godmother wearing the exact same perfume.

Every detail from her curly permed hair, gray knee length jacket, and 80’s style ginourmous reading glasses flooded my memory! Makes me chuckle thinking about the 80’s all over again.

Our sense of smell is the most powerful sense our body possesses and on a TAX DAY like today, the most fascinating in my humble opinion… haha.

Did you know that stress is one of the major contributors to premature aging? ?
And, unfortunately, one of the most stress inducing days in the US happens to be today… Tax Day!

What most people don’t know is that our bodies have built in, calm inducing mechanisms and receptors designed to increase a sense of peace and relaxation… even feelings of happiness!

One of these mechanisms is our olfactory system closely connected to our sense of smell.

Did you know that by simply inhaling the aroma of an essential oil can calm the stressful and anxious feelings caused by various circumstances? Whether it’s a day like today, situations at work, or at home – stress is eager to invade from all sides, but the earth has produced a solution.

The smell receptors located on the upper part of your nose links with the limbic system of the brain, an area that directs the body’s emotional responses.

This close connection between aromatics and emotions or feelings becomes obvious in our everyday life as certain essences or smells trigger memories or specific feelings.
Have you ever experienced a situation like that? Where for one brief second you smelled something and immediately your mind took you to a moment you can remember clearly and your emotions followed immediately after?

Some aromas directly impact mood (for example relaxed, inspired, or even invigorated), while others trigger memories of a specific moment or experience, often tied to a strong feeling or emotion.

As an herbal alchemist, and passionate connoisseur of pure essential oils (the science behind our bodies and essential oils just floor me) I just had to formulate something I knew would inspire feelings of joy and happiness…

I believe joy comes from One Source, and it’s not from essential oils, but God sure knew what He was doing when he gave our bodies the ability to transition our mood with the use of these powerful plant components.

I mean they’re in the Bible! Haha… for reals!

So I formulated Happiness as a great start to an entire collection of essential oil blends designed to lift our spirits and boost our mood!

Because Happiness is a sure fire way to end stress (and premature aging)! we all like to turn to our Happiness Essential Oil to help slice through any tensions or stress… and what better day than today to share the love.

It is sure to uplift and brighten every day and any mood, I’ve specifically created it with the perfect compilation of essential oils proven to support happiness!

And so it does.

We invite you to discover one of our favorite rituals. This calming practice is actually step number one in the MIG Method and for a very good reason as I shared it has the power to wash away any negative feelings and leaves you free to take a deep breath, pamper yourself, relax and in the very best version of yourself. ?

Dab a smidge on your wrists, the back of your neck, breathe deeply, think happy thoughts… then let me know how it made you feel!

So go now and visit MIG to join the many Happy people we’ve helped!

Click here to shop around. ❤️

Feel free to share with friends and family.

Warm Regards, Stress-Free Days & Soft Skin,

– Jaime 

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