The HER Effect

I wanted to take a moment and share some things that have popped up for me over the last few weeks. I’m hoping that what I share resonates as deeply with you as it does with me.

So, lately, the boys and I have been cozying up on the couch at night and looking through their baby albums together.

It’s been so fun to get comfy and peek back through these windows of time with them.

They love hearing the stories of how they learned to crawl, and seeing videos of themselves with avocado smeared across their tiny faces as they tried some of their first foods.

As I look through these precious memories, I can’t help but notice I have a few more fine lines than I did as a young mother. I am not mourning this, simply noticing.

My heart is full and I have no regrets because these lines are marks of a life filled with experiences, times of trials and joys and a lot of love that make up my 38 years.

Similar to the photo albums we have been looking through that represent priceless moments in time.

I’m turning 40 next year and am even more aware of the culture that demands that I rid myself of these “imperfections” in order to be beautiful.

You can’t get through a grocery line without seeing at least 5 headlines telling you how to avoid aging.

Celebrities are pumping (literally!) their faces with fillers and going under the knife on a regular basis in the empty pursuit of youth.

Still, these images and headlines can’t help but catch my eye as I’m waiting for my turn in line…many times it’s when I’m in my sweats and my hair hasn’t seen a brush all day…am I the only one who isn’t at my most glamorous while grocery shopping?!


Even still, I am not ruled by these messages because my heart is full and I am grateful. Grateful for my boys that are bouncing around the grocery store with me and helping me to unload the cart. I am embracing the lines as mine, as a piece of me and the stories they tell that I treasure.

The lure of these magazines has lost its grip in me.

My desire is that we would all embrace the years, and age with grace and beauty.

That our smile lines would remind us of a life of love, laughter… probably some tears.

I long for a society that embraces the depth of beauty that only age can bring.

Beautiful, there is no need to alter your body. I know that it is impossible to miss the daily messages around us.

Messages that tell us we are worthy only when we look young, thin and wrinkle-free.

But the reality is that our bodies change and that has nothing to do with our worth in the first place.

Let’s choose to shut out the noise and love every minute of it. Cheers to loving ourselves right where we are and to True Beauty that goes much deeper than our skin.

I’m here with you, and we’re all in this together,

– Jaime

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