The HER Effect


She walked towards me with questions in her eyes, assessing my market table earnestly. She looked so fragile as if life had really beaten her down.

It was clear that she wanted to browse our booth and find what she was looking for. Farmer’s markets are my favorite shopping experience in the whole world. They have such a personal, human touch, so different than the way the masses of people shop today. 

But this is what I love about farmer’s markets – It’s where I first had the privilege of spending time with our women. I heard their hearts and their real needs. Being face to face with these women stirred my passion to solve the problems they were facing. Many were plagued with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and breakout prone skin. I wanted to create solutions for each and every one of them. 

On this particular day, my heart was moved on an even deeper level. As the woman stood in front of me she slowly began to warm up. I guess she could see that I was all in to answer her questions and do what I could to help her whether she walked away with product or not. 

Haha… while so many of the other market vendors where pushy salespeople, I really just wanted to have meaningful conversations and share stories.  

So after a few minutes, she actually began to tell me pieces of her story and the difficult journey that had brought her to where she was that day. As she told me, she lifted her sleeve to show me the red patches that covered her dry, flaky skin.

It looked so painful, I hurt for her.

I took her hand and reached for a Lotion Bar off the table. She continued sharing her story as I smoothed the lotion over her brittle, aching skin. 

Moments like this keep me so connected to what’s really going on in the world. You know? Sometimes consumerism becomes a number to entrepreneurs, but having spent so much time face to face with our people, I will never forget why we do what we do and who we do it for. 

People are hurting and true answers are found within the purity of love and the natural world around us. I made it my mission to give both love and practical solutions, sourced from the absolute best essences, oils and raw ingredients our beautiful planet has to offer.

This is why I woke up early every Saturday morning for four years and loaded my healing beauty solutions into the trunk of my little minivan. People needed the solutions and I had the answers. Come rain or shine, I couldn’t let them down. 

This passion didn’t end at the farmer’s market. I am in constant pursuit of solutions for you and your family that will truly transform your life – Just as it did for my beautiful new friend. A week later the same woman came back, but this time with her head held high and eyes filled with tears. 

She pulled up her sleeve and showed me the total restoration that had happened. In place of the red patches and scaly skin, there was smooth, hydrated skin that appeared many years younger! We were both beaming!

I continue beaming as I hear more and more life transformational stories from thousands of other men and women. While I see so many of the billion dollar beauty companies focus on their bottom line, evident in the toxic ingredients they use and false claims they broadcast, we at MIG are dedicated to serving real people, with real lives, real families and real needs.

These stories and people are etched into my heart and I always come back to them as I formulate every product. It’s not just about skincare, it’s a movement built to help people come alive. 

Hit reply and tell me your beauty story… have you always had glowing skin? Have you struggled? 

Can’t wait to get to know you better! 

Warm Regards and Soft Skin,


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